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Meet the Strategies in the Frames of Andragogy


Teach Your Best Lesson!


The Wheel of Engagement is a collection of lesson design and delivery strategies that direct attention, reduce cognitive load, and help learners with “In-the-Moment” Motivation. The goal of the engagement strategies is to help learners more effectively manage the learning process through the decisions of the educator. This can be something as simple as changing the length of a lesson to completely overhauling how learners engage and interpret information in the classroom setting.  

The video in this sprint summarizes the 8 strategies in the Wheel of Engagement. 


These strategies initiate the trust-building process and ensure that trust-building begins with intentionality and compassion.  

This sprint has one step.

  1. Watch Video. The video prepares you for the quiz in the next section.
  2. Use video aids to improve video comprehension.

Video aids are 

  • Concepts to look for in video
  • Mockingbird Laws Featured in video
  • There is no additional information needed to complete sprint.  
  • The next step is a quiz about the video.

Watch the video

Click the image to view a mindmap of the strategies featured in the video.  This handout is available in the course resources.

Strategy Map

Provides an overview of each of the strategies

questions to consider