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What are the Frames of Andragogy?


Understanding the Frames of Andragogy


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The Frames of Andragogy are a collection of positive framing strategies that help educators frame lessons to meet the psychological needs of adult learners. Framing is choosing words and phrases that influence how learners perceive and experience a learning activity.   

Adult learners have distinct needs that vary from those of children, and while there may be some overlap, relying solely on pedagogical practices in adult education can lead to disengagement and discouragement. This module  introduces 8 andragogical needs of adult learners, and demonstrates how to meet these needs through 8 simple lesson hacks that can be used to adjust and reframe any lesson to suit the learning requirements of adult students.

Lesson Objectives

  • Describe the Frames of Andragogy and understand how to meet the needs of adult learners.
  • Understand common psychological needs and strategies to cater to them.
  • Define strategies that change content, learner environments, or learner experiences. 

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This lesson uses the Frames of Andragogy Wheel as a teaching aid.