Andragogy: An In-Depth Explanation

Andragogy is the science and practice of teaching adult learners. This contrasts with pedagogy, which is the science and practice of teaching children. Although there is overlap between the two, adult learners have unique needs that differ from children . Too often, classroom instruction for adult learners relies too heavily on pedagogical practice, and as such, adult learners become disengaged and discouraged. In this workshop, you will learn the 7 andragogical needs of adult learners, and how to meet these needs through 8 simple lesson hacks that adjust and reframe any lesson so it uniquely meets the learning needs of adult students.

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Andragogy refers to the principles and methods of teaching adult learners, in contrast to pedagogy which focuses on teaching children. Adult learners have distinct needs that vary from those of children, and while there may be some overlap, relying solely on pedagogical practices in adult education can lead to disengagement and discouragement.

This course introduces 8 andragogical needs of adult learners, and demonstrates how to meet these needs through 8 simple lesson hacks that can be used to adjust and reframe any lesson to suit the learning requirements of adult students.

COURSE Objectives

Workshop Participant will be able to…

  • Describe the 8 strategies that make up the Frames of Andragogy and how it is an effective resource for developing the andragogical needs of adult learners. 
  • Describe Purpose Not Power, The Psychological Difference Model, and the Laws of Andragogy.
  • Identify how each andragogy strategy can be used to meet adult learner needs.


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