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The Mental Wellness Wheel: Reflection




Teach Your Best Lesson!


Read the questions, reflect upon the reaction model and your experience.  Respond with as much depth or detail as you find necessary.

Tip: Remember that reflection is not a checklist learning activity. Resist the urge to answer quickly and reactively. Think about the question and take your time forming your response. 

Also, don’t worry about grammar and writing mechanics. Write naturally and for your own growth and development. Don’t let form and format slow your reflection process as the questions are not assessed on this criteria. 


The questions in this quiz  are designed to help you:

  • Reflect on your current practice and behaviors
  • Reflect on how the information applies to your work or context
  • Reflect on how you can put the lesson information into new practice.


Reflection is an important practice in learning. 


  • helps us make sense of new learning
  • helps to solidify connections between new information and personal experience.
  • helps us make intelligent decisions about implementation and application of new ideas. 

Review the Model (and the video in the previous section if needed).

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