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Nano Steps

A Nano step refers to an incredibly small and easily achievable action that you can take towards a larger goal.

The concept was popularized by behavior scientist BJ Fogg and his “Tiny Habits” methodology.

The idea is to break down complex or intimidating tasks into the smallest possible actions. Nano stepping is an important skill. It is used in the immediacy of a difficult task and as a planning tool to break complex tasks or goals into small achievable action steps.

There are two ways to use Nano steps as a mental toughness tool.

One is using nano steps as a motivation tool during struggle.

The other is to use Nano steps as a goal setting tool in learning.

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How to Help Students Power Through the Next  5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, and 20 Minutes of Mental Learning Fatigue. 

During this 30 minute session, we will explore the Mockingbird Strong Mind Strategy called Nano Steps. 

Inspired by mental toughness strategies used by marathon runners to successfully complete 26.2 miles, this simple yet powerful psychological strategy helps learners navigate through temporary states of demotivation and learning fatigue.

This  mental toughness and resiliency strategy helps learners develop the mental strength and perseverance to power through learning difficulties during the mid-lesson fatigue where most learners become overwhelmed and want to quit.   

In this workshop, you will learn…

1. WHAT the strategy is.
2. WHY the strategy builds mental resilience and mental toughness in learners
3. HOW to introduce the strategy to learners
4. HOW and WHEN to integrate the strategy into your teaching, coaching, or mentoring.   

Psst… This strategy isn’t just for learners.  This strategy will help you develop the mental toughness and resiliency skills you need to be an effective facilitator, coach, and mentor to vulnerable learners and help you preserve your mental health and well-being.   

Mockingbird Mind Strong Strategies are Mental Toughness Strategies that Help Learners Power Through Learning Fatigue and Difficult Lessons so They Can Finish What They Start!

Each strategy is grounded in research and designed specifically to help vulnerable learners power through mental fatigue and the daily grind of learning and attending a short cycle, intense learning program.  


Strong Mind Strategy

Nano Steps

Resource Kit includes instructions and resources for 4 Powerful Why Activities.


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