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Strong Mind Strategies

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A Powerful Why is your deep-rooted purpose and driving force that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

Your Powerful Why isn’t just a reason to finish a difficult task; it’s a powerful emotional connection to what truly matters to you.

It’s the fire in your belly that pushes you to push through obstacles and setbacks.

Your own Powerful Why might be rooted in your desire to create a better future for your family, chasing a lifelong dream, or proving something important to yourself. No matter where it comes from, it’s the emotional charge that fuels your determination.

When you find your Powerful Why, it’s like discovering your own superpower – a source of inner strength that empowers you to go the extra mile when others might give up.


What is Mental Toughness?
What are Strong Mind Strategies?

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Introduction to Mockingbird’s Strong Mind Strategies

During this 11 minute video, you will Meet Mockingbird’s Mental Toughness Strategies called Strong Mind Strategies.

These simple yet powerful strategies are supported by research and are simple yet powerful psychological strategies to  help learners navigate  temporary states of demotivation and learning fatigue.


In this video, you will learn…

1. WHAT Mental Toughness is and what the difference between resiliency, grit, and mental toughness is.
2. WHAT Mockingbird Strong Mind Strategies are
3. WHY Mental Toughness and Strong Mind Strategies Matter

Psst… These strategies are not just for learners.  Develop the mental toughness and resiliency skills you need to be an effective facilitator, coach, and mentor to vulnerable learners and help you preserve your mental health and well-being.   

Mockingbird Mind Strong Strategies are Mental Toughness Strategies that Help Learners Power Through Learning Fatigue and Difficult Lessons so They Can Finish What They Start!

Each strategy is grounded in research and designed specifically to help vulnerable learners power through mental fatigue and the daily grind of learning and attending a short cycle, intense learning program.  


Strong Mind and Mental Toughness Posters

General Mental Toughness Posters

What is Mental Toughness?

Mental toughness is a perspective that shapes how we navigate through demanding situations. This psychological construct finds various interpretations across different domains such as the military, sports, business, and education.

Mockingbird defines mental toughness as a collection of resiliency-based skills and attitudes essential for persevering through the challenges of learning, even in the face of learning fatigue or temporary demotivation. In this context, mental toughness is not an inherent quality but rather a set of learned skills and character traits that can be nurtured and cultivated. This comprehensive approach identifies mental toughness as a fusion of four core elements: confidence, control, commitment, and the ability to embrace challenges.

Mental Toughness is the ability to cope and thrive under stress, adversity, and challenging situations.

What are Strong Mind Strategies?

Strong Mind Strategies are mental toughness skills that help us fight through learning fatigue and dips in confidence, esteem and motivation when we are learning.

Each Mockingbird Strong Mind  strategy is grounded in research and designed specifically to help vulnerable learners power through mental fatigue and the daily grind of learning and attending a short cycle, intense learning program.  

Strong Mind Strategies help us manage the roller coaster of emotions that we experience during learning. Strong Mind Strategies empower us to delve deeper within ourselves, cultivating mental toughness that enables us to bridge gaps and ultimately achieve our goals.

Each Strong Mind strategy helps us develop the skills and attitude to….

Persevere during learning fatigue,struggle, and stess

Bounce Back from learning setbacks

Focus and cope with distractins during learning