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Stages of Growth

What are the Stages of Growth?

The Stages of Growth Model organizes the development and adoption of new behaviors into stages of growth. 

The model is a research-based model.

The model conceptualizes stages of growth and helps individuals and organizations plan implementation efforts with clarity and fidelity.  


The model has been translated into a practical tool called Respect the Gradient (RTG) Maps.

An RTG map is essentially a rubric that  illustrates the stages of growth and development that an individual goes through when adopting a new behavior or implementing a new innovation (such as a new teaching or coaching strategy).  


An RTG map provides structure, clarity, accountability, and a means of tracking and communicating your progress.

It’s a practical tool that can significantly enhance your learning and growth when implementing new strategies.

At A Glance

Create a Respect the Gradient Map to chart your growth and progress with the strategy.  The RTG map is like a rubric that outlines the expected growth and development for a strategy during implementation. 

Use an RTG map:

  • As a conversation tool with peers or staff to determine what a strategy looks like when it is being implemented in various stages of growth.
  • As a tool to measure and chart progress.
  • As an accountability tool. 
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