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Description of Services

Virtual workshops take place online via Zoom.  Workshops are typically designed as 2 online sessions.  Each session is  1-2 hours in length.

Session 1:  

  • Interactive virtual workshop that focuses on knowledge, skills, and strategies

Session 2

  •  Interactive coaching session that focuses on reinforcement, application, and implementation.
Session 2 is 1-2 weeks after session 1 to give participants time to apply and implement what they learned in session 1.  
  • Practitioners (teachers, coaches, mentors)
  • Administrators
  • Support Staff
  • Practitioners  (Teachers, Coaches, Mentors)
  • Administrators
  • Support Staff

Depending on the Topic, We Recommend That You Invite All Staff  That Interact With Program Participants.  Mockingbird Methodology Workshops Create Common Language And Common Culture For Staff.  Additionally, Mockingbird Strategies Are Relevant To Any Staff Member That Interacts With Students Or Plays A Role In Program And Staff Culture. 

Methodology workshops are customized to meet client needs.  Workshop participants leave each workshop with concrete and practical tools that  can be used  immediately in their program and context.  

Strategies are a blend of  facilitation, coaching, and mentoring strategies in the following areas: 

  • Trust-Building Learner
  • Engagement
  • Directing Attention
  • Productive Participation
  • In the Moment Motivation
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Learning Culture
  • Program Culture
  • Andragogy
  • Mental Wellness
  • Curriculum Design

Workshops  are generally 1-2 hours in length.

Once workshops are scheduled, Mockingbird will send link to register and attend.  

Workshops are recorded and available for a limited time after the workshop date. 

Our Workshop Facilitators Are Trained In Methodology Research And Practices And Have Years Of Experience Working In At-Risk Programs. They Don’t Just Teach The Mockingbird Methodology, They Are Walking Models Of The Methodology In Action.  

Expect Your Facilitator To Model And Demonstrate Every Strategy And To Make Your Learning Experience Interactive, Informative, And Inspirational.  

Although our format for online workshops is different than our in-person workshops, we still bring the  energy, passion, and expertise to every workshop. 

Contact Mockingbird for a Sample Agenda

Workshop Participants

  • Increased Understanding Of How Vulnerability Factors Impact The Learning Experience For Vulnerable Learners
  • Increase Knowledge, Skills, And Awareness 
  • Skill Development In Compassionate And Responsive Strategies


  • Common Language Among Staff For How Vulnerability Impacts Program Services
  • Common Practices For Working With Vulnerable Learners

When staff engage the methodology strategies, workshop participants report the following changes in student behavior:

•Decrease in behavior management challenges
•Increase in  engagement and participation
•Increase in attention
•Increase in motivation
•Increase in self-esteem and confidence

Workshop worksheets and some classroom resources

Virtual workshops are delivered via Zoom. 

Plan to use microphone, camera, and keyboard during sessions.

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