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Description of Services

Mockingbird’s Talent Development Program is a three-tiered training program to develop internal expertise  in the Mockingbird Methodology so you can train, develop, and coach your staff and help your program reach its’ fullest potential. 

The Talent Development program develops internal expertise in the Mockingbird Methodology.  

  • The Talent and Development Program consists of …
    • Practitioner Training Program
      • Prepares direct service staff to teach, coach, and mentor students using the Mockingbird Methodology.
    • Coach Training Program
      • Prepares coaches to coach, develop, and support practitioners using the Mockingbird Methodology. 
    • Facilitator Training Program
      • Prepares Trainers to Deliver Practitioner Workshops.
      • Prepares Trainers to Support and Develop Coaches
      • Develops Facilitator Expertise in Methodology research, Methodology practices, and leading Talent Development initiatives

The Talent and Development Program consists of three curriculums, a site license, and ongoing support and development from Mockingbird Education.

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