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The Mockingbird Experience

Whether you're a seasoned program (or practitioner) or just starting your journey working with vulnerable learners, the Mockingbird Methodology will help you realize talent and unlock potential.


The Mockingbird Methodology employs a transformative approach to coaching. 

The Goal

The goal of coaching is to provide continuous technical support and mentorship as program staff implement the Mockingbird Methodology.  We help staff stay focused on development goals and help staff improve proficiency and effectiveness using the Methodology tools and strategies.

The Process

Every coaching plan is different based on your culture and stakeholder needs  but generally coaching and development includes weekly strategy challenges, monthly coaching and training sessions, and on-demand access to the Mockingbird’s professional development ECHO platform.

The Services

  A typical coaching plan is 2-3 hours of coaching and support monthly delivered through the following:
  • Weekly Strategy Challenge: Asynchronous (On-Demand)
  • Monthly Coaching Session: Synchronous (Live)
  • Webinars: Synchronous or Synchronous
  • Technical Assistance Support and Conversations (Synchronous and Asynchronous)

The Growth

We help programs improve and develop staff talent.  Once  a coaching plan and schedule in place, let’s discuss metrics to measure growth and progress.  


The Mockingbird Methodology is a model of effective instruction for nontraditional education programs. The biospychosocial instructional approach combines the latest research in neurobiology, psychology, and sociology with best practices in teaching, coaching, and mentoring to create transformational learning experiences for vulnerable learners.

Our approach surpasses a mere dissemination of knowledge or skills and instead aims to instigate profound shifts in learners’ perspectives, beliefs, behaviors, and even identities. Grounded in over 70 years of research, the Mockingbird Methodology prepares practitioners to teach, coach, and mentor non-traditional learners in specialized education programs such as workforce development, vocational educational, adult education, and other transformational models that blend academics with life skills and social services.

The transformative approach of the Mockingbird Methodology focuses on nurturing positive learner identities by cultivating learning-to-learn skills, self-efficacy, and resilience, particularly crucial for vulnerable learners who may have encountered challenges that have adversely affected their learner identity.

Additionally, the methodology works hard to help practitioners understand how vulnerabilities (such as academic deficiencies, trauma, chronic stress, homelessness, food insecurity, mental illness, under-employment, incarceration, etc) impact the learning brain and the learning experience of vulnerable learners and how and why this knowledge is critical for creating visible, safe, and active learning experiences.

Mockingbird Coaching Tools

Coaching Process

  • Weekly Strategy Challenges
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Online Training Sessions (every 6-12 weeks)
  • On-Demand Access to ECHO Platform Resources

Coaching Objectives