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Teach · Coach · Mentor

Develop Staff Talent and Realize Program Potential

Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting your journey developing staff talent, the Mockingbird Talent and Development process will help you realize talent and unlock potential.


The Goal

The goal of our Talent Development and Coaching Workshop is to teach leaders simple, practical, research-based and field-tested tools.  You will learn new strategies for coaching and leadership that will enhance your impact whilst decreasing the time and energy it takes to lead improvement. 

The Tools

Our coaching tools drive the coaching process.  From developing relationships, and  structuring coaching meetings to overcoming resistance and establishing norms and accountability, our tools provide the structure you need to lead improvement initiatives and develop staff. 

The Topics

  The workshop will cover the following topics: 
  • Elements of Improvement
  • Stages of Growth
  • Process: Coaching Lanes
  • Process:  GROW Conversations
  • Process:  Inquiry-Based Questioning
  • Streaking Challenges
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Communication for Improvement and Impact

The Follow-Up

We practice what we preach.  After a workshop, we will plan and schedule coaching sessions.  We use the coaching tools in our coaching process so you will experience the tools as both a coach and a coachee.  We will also discuss metrics to measure growth and progress.  


Increase staff impact and accelerate staff effectiveness through coaching and talent development.  
 We’ve curated a small collection of high-leverage coaching and talent development techniques that all managers and educational leaders- no matter their level of expertise – can develop to lead and improve improvement initiatives.  

Mockingbird Coaching Tools

Workshop Objectives

Workshop Follow-Up