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Sep 25

Georgia Department Of Education

September 25, 2023 - September 27, 2023

For questions, contact tamara@mockingbirdeducation.net or 469-261-3557

Workshop Logistics

Date: September 25-27

Atlanta, Georgia


Topic:  Skyrocket Learner Engagement with Design and Delivery STRATEGIES

Discover the eight powerful instructional habits that master educators utilize to captivate learners and maximize participation. This module is all about exploring the Memory Formation Model and the instruction and lesson design habits that will revolutionize your ability to manage attention, foster active learning, and maintain unwavering student engagement.

The Eight Engagement Strategies of Master Educators are not just theoretical concepts; they are firmly grounded in research and designed for practical application in any classroom setting—be it in-person, online, or hybrid. These strategies are your secret weapons to increase attention, engagement, and participation, ensuring every student is fully immersed in the learning experience.
Topic: Productive Participation
Increase productive participation in your classroom.  Learn how to teach the participation behaviors that adult (and adolescent) students need to take control of their learning experience and actively engage in classroom learning.   In this workshop, learn how to teach adult learners  the self-regulation and participation skills they need to become an active and self-sufficient learner.  These strategies increase productive participation, help educators manage behavioral challenges, and help educators discreetly direct attention and redirect off-task  behaviors without compromising relationships, interrupting instruction, or drawing unnecessary attention to struggling learners.

8 Strategies to Integrate Mental Wellness into the Adult Basic Education Classroom  

Recent societal challenges have triggered a well-documented decline in mental health.   We know that when students master mental well-being, they thrive in academics and employment and become better learners, employees, and citizens. In this workshop, you will learn strategies for integrating mental wellness  into the ABE classroom.   Explore strategies for integrating wellness, prevention, and coping and learn how to integrate these tools into the ABE classroom to   promote mental health and prioritize prevention and wellness competencies in the ABE classroom.


No registration required.  This is a private client event.

Workshop Questions

Get ready for an interactive and engaging learning experience!  No talking heads! No boring  lectures!

Our workshops are immersive multi-sensory experiences. Expect to be emotionally, physically, and mentally engaged.  We will move, talk, and engage with facilitator, content, and peers.   Wear comfortable shoes, and bring an open mind and a joyful smile.

Tamara Thompson

Tamara is an award winning educator with over 20 years teaching experience. She is a former Teacher of the Year Award Recipient for Austin Area Alternative Schools, a Michael Jordan Foundation’s Innovation Grant Award recipient, and a Southern Poverty Law’s Teaching for Tolerance Grant Award recipient. She was a YBUSA Teacher Fellows in 2010 and was awarded a Research Doctoral Fellows at the University of North Texas in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in 2010. She is CEO and Founder of Mockingbird Education.

Tamara lives in Dallas, Texas. When not at Mockingbird, she can be found in her garden yelling at weeds, or on a boat begging fish to bite. Her children and husband hope she grows up one day to learn how to cook, sit still and watch a movie, and find her keys.

  • To facilitate a joyful LEARNER EXPERIENCE not just teach content.
  • To be a GUIDE, not a source of knowledge.
  • To continually communicate the WHY.
  • To MODEL and DEMONSTRATE what we teach.
  • To EARN credibility through WHAT and HOW we teach.
  • To manage learner vulnerability and social dynamics with
  • To be a PARTICIPATING MEMBER of the learning community.
  • To model and demonstrate INTERESTENTHUSIASM, and EXCITEMENT.
Yes.  Certificate is available upon request.
CEU Hours are based on workshop length.


  • EXPLORE Methodology strategies.
  • EXAMINE research, rationale and application.
  • EXPERIENCE the Methodology in motion.



Resources will added within 3 days of event.


September 25, 2023
September 27, 2023
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