DP: Goal Creation and DP Planning Worksheet: Pepper with Purpose

DP: Goal Creation and DP Planning Worksheet: Pepper with Purpose

A simplified worksheet for creating simple instructional goals for Pepper with Purpose.

How to Use this Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help prepare for your deliberate practice session and create a create a practice goal to guide your practice session. The questions are designed to help you find clarity in your ideas, practice, and planning. Directions: Answer the questions. Write as much or as little as needed to help you clarify your goal and prepare for your practice session.

Step 1: Identification

Educator Name

Step 2: Describe Goal

Identify the Strategy that you intend to practice(Required)
What do you aim to achieve?
Describe the following in your goal. Time Frame: When will you practice this strategy? Frequency: How many times will you practice this strategy? What will the practice look like? (Make sure your behaviors are observable).
Goal Checklist
Outline any key points or ideas that will guide the practice.
Describe behavior that is observable to the eye.

Step 3: Describe Outcome

Determine the intended outcomes of using Pepper with Purpose. What do you want participants to gain or understand after the session? Intended Outcomes: Participants will comprehend… Participants will understand…
Describe what this strategy looks like when it is being used well and with intent and purpose.
Describe challenges that you may encounter and what you will do to alleviate or diminish these challenges.

Step 4: Goal Completion Date

MM slash DD slash YYYY

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