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What is Deliberate Practice?

Deliberate practice is a type of skill practice that uses small micro-steps to develop skill and expertise. Deliberate practice is distinguished by the specificity and intentionality of the practice.

Deliberate practice can be used to develop skills and expertise in any strategy.

The steps and process can be used repetitively as a development cycle to intentional development specific skills.

Deliberate practice helps you set precise goals, break strategies into manageable parts, and create a practice routine that pushes you outside your comfort zone so you’ll rapidly and effectively integrate new strategies into your existing toolbox.

At A Glance

Identify strategy (break into a manageable chunk). Review the strategy. Create a clear and measurable goal. Evalute current stage of development (RTG Map).

Plan your practice session using the planning worksheet as a guide.

Invite a peer or mentor to observe practice to provide feedback.

Practice strategy with intentionality.

Conduct multiple practice sessions if possible.

Reflect on practice.

Evaluate progress using RTG Map.

Review coaching feedback.

Refine techniques and make adjustments.

Begin process again.

Cycle repeats


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