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Collaborative Coaching

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Step 1: Watch Webinar



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Collaborative Coaching:
Building a Coaching Relationship


The Collaborative coaching strategies are a process for guiding and leading teacher development. The coaching process is primarily intended to help educators develop micro-instructional habits related to engagement, trust-building, and other biopsychosocial behaviors that are nuanced and often difficult to develop or change without feedback and reflection. The process focuses on developing compassionate relationships among professionals and are designed to help educators and coaches overcome the psychological discomfort that educators often experience in professional development context.

COURSE Objectives

The live session content helps us understand:

  • Benefits of the strategies
  • Biopsychosocial impact of the strategies on learners
  • The ‘ideal’ application of the strategies

There is no additional information that we need to know to complete this sprint.  

This video is an interactive webinar. The facilitator prompts participants to use the chat box during the workshop.  To simulate a chat box, please open a word document and type your participation responses in the word document. When the webinar is complete, save this document. You will submit your participation document in the quiz section as proof of participation. You cannot earn a certificate of completion without a participation script. 

You must view 90% of the video AND submit the participation script to complete the lesson and earn the certificate of completion.

The Mark Complete button  will not appear until 90% of the lesson has been played.  The Mark Complete button will appear in the lower left corner.


Step 1: Participate in Live Session

Attend live session or watch recorded video.

If you are watching the recording, create a participation script to submit in next step.

How to Create a Participation Script:
  • OPEN a word document to record your participation responses.
  • As you watch the video, FOLLOW the facilitator’s cues and directions.
  • RECORD your responses in the Word document.
  • SAVE the document.  

Step 2: Complete Sprint Quiz and Upload Participation Script

If you do not attend the live session, you will be able to upload your participation script in the sprint quiz.

Note to Participant

Watch this 45 second introductory video for instructions on creating a participation script. 

Watch Video

You will be able to upload you participation script in the Sprint Quiz.  

 If you attended the live session, you will not need to upload a script.

The challenge quiz asks a few accountability questions to ensure that you have completed all steps in the Sprint Challenge.