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Define the behaviors. Behaviors are observable actions that can be visibly described. Avoid concepts like respect or integrity which can have different interpretations. When describing a behavior, focus on the observable actions, and words of the teacher, the student, and the student peer group.


  1. Action
  2. Words
  3. Attitude (tone)

Make it easy for staff to implement behaviors by flooding the organization with internal communication about the behaviors. Place visual reminders in locations where the behavior is used. Such cues serve as visual shortcuts that remind staff to engage in the behavior.


  • Posters
  • Emails
  • Screen Savers
  • Behavior Cards
  • Recognition Incentives

Create program rituals to practice the behavior. A ritual is something that we do over and over again. Ritualizing practice helps staff internalize behaviors so the behaviors become habits.


  • Add a short behavior practice session to program meeting agendas
  • Create a Behavior of the Week ritual
  • Train staff annually in behaviors

Leverage day to day situations as opportunities to teach and coach staff in behaviors. Provide feedback and guidance to improve performance. When coaching, use specific Language and Vocabulary for the behavior.


  • Modeling the behavior is not enough. Every situation is a teachable moment and an opportunity to practice. Consistent behaviors requires teaching and coaching over and over again.

Staff observe their leaders every day. Our actions speak louder than words. Leaders do not have to be perfect but they do have to try.


  • Identifying staff that will champion the program development. Give staff a fun title like Cultural Ambassador or Chief Behavioral Officer.

Select and hire staff that demonstrate the behaviors that define your organization.

Training and integration is easier when you begin with the right ingredients upon hiring staff.

Integrate new staff into practice by providing training and coaching. Organizations need training programs to onboard new staff into the organizational culture.

Drive a culture of accountability by holding staff accountable for behaviors.


  • Survey staff on behaviors
  • Include behaviors in performance evaluations


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