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What is Slack?

Slack’s platform is like having a texting thread with a group.  The group is others in your organization and\or other organizations and people. 

When you join  Mockingbird Slack Channels, you are interacting  with Mockingbird and  other like-minded programs that work with vulnerable learners.  

Why Slack?

Slack is free to non-profits and it has an intuitive, easy to use platform. 

When you download the mobile app and the desktop app, you  have the channels at your convenience throughout the day and since the channels function primarily like texting, they are easy and intuitive to use.  

Why is Mockingbird using Slack?

Slack lowers barriers of interaction and connection and gives users instant and ongoing access to communities and people.  

Mockingbird Slack channels provide programs with continuous and ongoing community, coaching, resources, and best practices. 

The channel allow Mockingbird  to provide tiny-bite size professional development tips, resources, and best practices in real time. Users  can participate as little or as much as they like but the access is instant, continuous, and flexible.

Step 1: Join Slack and Create an Account

  • Slack is free to non-profits.  
  • Join slack 
  • Download the desktop app and the mobile app.  The apps give you ongoing and flexible access to channels

Step 2: Join Mockingbird Channel

  • Mockingbird posts weekly tips
  • Mockingbird posts a weekly coaching, teaching, or mentoring tip based on research-based strategies 

Slack Channels

Links expires Feb 1, 2024. Contact Mockingbird if this date has passed

Join Mockingbird Slack Channel

Mockingbird Slack Channel connect external organizations in shared channels so participants can grow and learn together in real time.

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